Post Treatment Instructions - Root Canals

Post-Operative Instructions for Root Canal Therapy

When the anesthetic wears off it is normal for some aching or throbbing to occur. At the first sign of any discomfort, take the prescribed pain medication, as it will be more effective before any pain gets to be too bad.

Avoid chewing on the tooth for the next few days so that the area may heal more efficiently. An anti-inflammatory medication was placed beside the tooth to keep the area comfortable. If you chew on the tooth, then pain may occur when the medication wears off in a day or two.

If antibiotics were prescribed, take them until they are gone, even if the tooth feels fine. There may still be some infection in the surrounding bone tissue.

It is beneficial to minimize any physical activity for the next 24 hours, as this will increase inflammation around the tooth and your blood pressure, both of which can lead to more pain.

The tooth was recontoured to eliminate any biting pressure from the opposing teeth, allowing the healing process to be more comfortable. If after two days, there is an increase in pain or swelling and you can make the tooth hurt by putting the teeth together, then you may need to come into the office so we can adjust the bite pattern of the offending tooth.

Most teeth that have had root canal therapy will require full crown coverage. Otherwise, the tooth may fracture and need to be extracted. Any tooth that is not properly restored after root canal therapy may become re-infected, requiring a retreatment of the root canal.

If there are any concerns, beyond those mentioned above, don't hesitate to call the office.

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