Post Treatment Instructions - Extractions

Post-Operative Instructions for Extractions

When the anesthetic begins to wear off, take the prescribed pain medications before any pain gets to be severe. It works best as a preventative measure against pain. Take the medication as indicated.

Some bleeding is to be expected. Even a little bleeding may seem like a lot as it mixes with your saliva and everything looks red in your mouth. If bleeding becomes a concern, place some gauze, a damp towel, or a tea bag over the area and bite down. In a short while it will stop.

To minimize swelling, apply ice to the area for 30 minutes on, then 30 minutes off, for 5 hours.

Do not rinse the area the day of the extraction, as that may dislodge the clot and prevent proper healing. Beginning the day following the extraction, you should rinse the area every 4 hours using warm salt water or 3% hydrogen peroxide. Continue rinsing for 5 days.

DO NOT SMOKE for the next 48 hours. Smoking is the number one reason for post-operative infections (also known as dry sockets).

DO NOT drink through a straw.

If sutures have been placed, they need to be removed in 5-10 days.

A soft or liquid diet for 24 hours following the procedure is helpful. It takes about a day for a strong clot to properly form and any food particles that fall into the extraction site can lead to a post-operative infection.

Post-operative infections will not occur until 3-5 days after the procedure. Infection is indicated by an increase in pain and/or swelling.

If problems occur beyond those mentioned here, call the office.

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