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This Month's Issue: Gum Disease – It’s not for everyone

“My parents lost all of their teeth because of gum disease, so I probably will too.” This thought is a common misconception with many people. Although gum disease does have a genetic component, it is, for the most part, preventable and controllable for everyone.

Gum disease is mostly slow progressing and nearly symptom-free. By the time you think you have a problem, it is likely in an advance stage. It irreversibly destroys the bone around your teeth and is a major reason, why people lose their teeth, as they get older.

For most people, good daily home care with regular flossing, along with routine dental hygiene appointments, is all that is needed to maintain proper dental health.

If your oral health is relatively good, then mouth rinses, oral irrigators(water pik) and other additional dental products are not necessary and they certainly don’t replace what a toothbrush and floss does.

One of your best investments in maintaining good oral care is a new toothbrush on a regular basis. You can feel the significant difference in how clean your teeth feel when you use a new toothbrush. So, today, check out your toothbrush and if the bristles look like the handlebar moustache of a barbershop quartet singer, toss it.

When it comes to floss, any floss is good floss. And the best floss is the floss that you actually use. For most people, flossing is a hassle. So, find your time when it’s easy to floss. Watching TV – floss, riding in a car – floss, computer – floss, at work - floss. Keep your floss handy, so you remember to use it regularly. Remember, you don’t have to floss all your teeth, just floss those you want to keep. I used the word “floss” sixteen times in this paragraph. Why? I LOVE FLOSS, just do it.

We all know someone who says, “I never go the dentist and I never have a problem.” There is a very good chance that same person will be missing most or all of their teeth, as they get older. Because when they develop a problem, their treatment options will be very limited. Gum disease, it’s not for everyone, but without proper preventative care it’s for anyone. Don’t let it be you!


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