In-Office Deep Bleaching

Tooth whitening has been around for a while now. In-office power bleaching, take-home bleaching systems, and over-the-counter products have all proven to be at times inconsistent, unpredictable, and disappointing. Although many people have attained great results, others have come up short of their hopes and expectations.

Recently, as experience and knowledge have grown, an effective and predictable method of tooth whitening has developed to better assure a more dramatic, long-lasting result that is easy to maintain. Previously, most professional bleaching was successful in removing superficial stains within the enamel layer. This would give the teeth a "lighter appearance". In most cases it would be a noticeable improvement, however, many times it was less than hoped for.

We are now able to accomplish a more profound, "deep-bleaching" technique that will make teeth not just "lighter" but actually "brighter", beyond simply a noticeable improvement. This is a dramatic change that we feel the patient will describe as "AWESOME!"

The deep-bleaching method requires three appointments. The first appointment lasts approximately 20 minutes. Impressions and photographs are taken and patient instructions are reviewed. Please note: patient cooperation is paramount to success.

The second appointment is approximately 90 minutes long. Here the bleaching begins with the in-office conditioning phase of treatment. The patient is then given a take-home bleaching system for nightly use.

The third appointment occurs two weeks later. It is approximately 2 hours long and involves the in-office deep-bleaching technique. This is when the "AWESOME" happens. Treatment is completed and a simple maintenance program is reviewed.

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